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Atlante Inlay Material

Atlante decorative polyester sheets are a great alternative for inlay work or as a decorative handle material. This material is very good for making imitation mother of pearl inlays such as dots, diamonds, purflings and inlay block sets. Random patterns go all the way through making it 3 dimensional once radiused and shaped. Material and can be easily cut, shaped and polished. This material looks totally different once worked and should be taken down about .060" from the top to get to the true heart and random patterns within.

Since January 2020 all Atlante materials use in production a new type of polyester resin called BIO-RESIN which contains about 30% of raw materials of vegetable origin.
Constant research and strong collaboration with our partners has led to a significant reduction in fossil organic materials and carbon dioxide (Co2) in the environment.

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