Did you know....

Our pricing structure is set up so the larger piece you purchase the less you pay per square inch, so the larger piece you buy the larger the discount. All of our pricing is checked regularly against our competitors to be the best pricing per square inch. If you find the same item for less let us know and we will beat it!

 Due to the nature and various types of materials we offer the cost of shipping your order cannot be pre-calculated in advance because the weight of each item can vary and therefore  shipping cost will be added to your order based on the total weight of your order and shipping destination. we do check all options for the best pricing to get you your order in tact at the lowest rate and safest manner to insure you goods arrive to you in good shape. 

Most smaller orders will ship via USPS larger heavier packages via UPS. 

If you would prefer we can ship against your own UPS or FedEx account simply provide the account information in the comments field upon check out.

 Colors may appear different on the website from what you receive. We do our best to keep this as accurate as possible but color setting from one device to another may vary.  

 Listed pricing on the site will show the lowest price for this item based on the smallest size or quantity. When you choose a product option the price will change to match the cost of the option you have chosen and this item will show at the correct price in your shopping cart.

 Due to the various nature of the materials we offer it is not possible to keep all items in stock at all times. We do our best to take out of stock items temporarily off the website but products are coming in and out the door all the time. We will notify you if something you have ordered is out of stock and do our best to work with you to offer a reasonable substitute.

 The materials we offer are unfinished goods so you should expect some surface issues like fine scratches, blemishes and possibly some warping depending on the type material. Sanding, shaping and polishing will be required to create a finished product. We will always do our best to personally select for you the best of what we have in stock that day. 

 Many of the materials we offer will look totally different in there unfinished raw form versus worked and finished. They tend to take on a much more 3-dimensional look and the more you work them the more character comes out. You should expect that materials like Atlante and Polyester Pearl may need to be taken down up to 1/16 of an inch to get to the true heart and beauty of the material. 

 Masecraft supplies a lot of manufactures in many different industries such as Cutlery, Musical Instruments, Billiards, Furniture, Firearms, Pens, Automotive, Marine, Aircraft and just about anything you can customize. What we offer on the website is what we stock on a regular basis and what we can supply or have access to overall is far greater. 

 Please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 800 682 5489 for any material needs you may be searching for. We have many sources in many industries from around the world so if we don't have access to it we have many friends in many industries that we will be glad to suggest.